Rumor has it that Samsung Electronics co-CEO JK Shin ordered that the company’s first Tizen smartphone be delayed. The smartphone was previously expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2013, it was rumored that Samsung had pushed the launch to October, or the fourth quarter of this year. Shin apparently handed down this order so that Samsung could get even more time to create “the best smartphone.”

It is said that the company was testing Tizen on a Galaxy S3, some considered this to be a hint that the first Tizen smartphone would have hardware similar to the Galaxy S3. Those plans have reportedly been scrapped now, due to obvious change in hardware trends. Samsung engineers have reportedly said that the delay doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the OS itself, instead the delay would allow them to make Samsung’s homegrown OS better and packed with more features before it debuts on a device later this year. It was rumored recently that Tizen was almost dead and the company wasn’t going to work on it anymore. Those rumors were quashed by Samsung, it launched a new app challenge for developers to create apps for Tizen and earn prize money. It also announced that its conducting its first ever developers conference in October this year, where Tizen OS and the first smartphone powered by it is expected to be unveiled.

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