If there wasn’t enough of a reason to fly Virgin Atlantic besides their in-flight Wi-Fi, extremely comfortable seating and mood lighting, then you’ll be happy to know stand-up comedy and live music will keep you entertained if you happen to fly a number of its domestic U.K. flights.


Passengers on a number of Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red flights will be able to enjoy stand-up comedy later this month as comedians who are traveling to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be able to test their material on fellow passengers. We just hope their comedy is worth keeping us from catching a quick nap.

In addition to stand-up comedy, Virgin Atlantic will also be introducing a series of live music acts starting September on its Little Red flights which the company aims to pay homage to the “rich music scenes” in Scotland and Manchester. Those interested in enjoying live music with their flight will be able to check the full line-up of acts through Virgin’s social media channels.

Whether or not in-flight stand-up comedy and live music acts will become an experience Little Red flight patrons can expect on a regular basis is yet to be seen, but we’re sure fans of both comedy and live music will be coming back for more, so long as the acts are worthwhile.

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