bbmThe other day the BBM landing page for iOS and Android went up a little earlier than BlackBerry had anticipated before it was quickly pulled down. This led to speculation that the app could be launched in the near future, although according to reports, the app could instead be launched towards the end of next month. This is according to a Canadian executive at BlackBerry who alleges that the app will arrive by the end of next month with a ton of messaging features that will hopefully allow the app to compete with the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and etc.

BBM for iOS and Android is said to be arriving towards the end of summer and we guess for those hoping for an early release will have to wait it out. There has been talks about how BlackBerry could spin off BBM into a separate company while the rest of the company focuses on fixing their problems. While BBM for iOS and Android might have mattered a few years ago when BlackBerry was still popular, we have to wonder if the app will be relevant these days, what with the variety of messaging apps we have to choose from these days. In any case the signup page has gone live, so you can leave your email on BlackBerry’s page and they will notify you when the app has been launched.

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