doom-piano-controllerWhen was the first time that you played Doom? It was definitely one of those gaming experiences that would have seared itself deeply in your mind, as you were introduced to a world where marines, outnumbered and outgunned by the forces of Hell, still managed to pull off an improbable victory for humanity with the help of a keyboard and mouse. The Cyberdemon then proved to be a nightmare opponent if all you had was a mere keyboard to circle strafe it. Well, fast forward to today, and Doom still gets its fair share of play time among enthusiasts, although some fans do take to tinkering with the game a bit.

Case in point, a bunch of alleged professional tinkerers have managed to transform what was said to be an old piano into a rather awkward keyboard, taking under 24 hours to achieve that. As to how this was done, apparently it relied on some basic PC interfacing as well as a “load of wiring.” In this case, you can now play Doom using the piano, and I do wonder if the foot pedals do play an important role in dispatching the armies of Hell back to where they belong once again.

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