facebook-tvFacebook has just announced that broadcasters such as CNN, NBC and Sky are able to gain direct access to your public wall posts – especially those that touch on trending topics, before embedding them in their shows for added effect. This would mean whatever you say, if deemed interesting enough, might actually make it to national TV without your express permission. Not only that, news organizations are also capable of generating real-time infographics to wow the audience (hopefully), in order to gauge the state of the nation and show, down to the smallest detail.

Basically, Facebook is a pretty good benchmark to use to figure out if folks are talking about something at that point in time, be it the latest fashion trend, the most recent news, one’s outrage at how sexism still happens on mainstream media especially in the tech world, in addition to the latest TV show. For instance, in last week’s kick-off of the NFL season, it managed to pick up more than 20 million likes, comments, and shares on Facebook – all through an “audience” of 8 million people thereabouts. Do you happen to like the new level of detail and integration that Facebook has with news outlets and the like? [Press Release]

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