Bump is a five year old mobile sharing startup that Google has acquired today. Bump’s most popular product is called Bump, its lets users share data between their mobile devices by just bumping them with each other. The app is capable of handling videos, photos, apps and other files. Both users have to open the Bump app on their devices for this to work, gently tapping the devices together will initiate the transfer. Bump confirmed through a blogpost that it has been acquired by Google, while terms of the deal were not mentioned, it is believed that the acquisition might have cost Google roughly $30 million.

The folks at Bump have created another product called Flock. It lets users weed out strangers from images they’ve taken through any camera app. Flock can also be used to create a shared album for friends who’re in a particular picture, relevant pictures can then be added into that album for easy sharing. David Lieb, CEO and cofounder of Bump said that for now, both services will continue to work as they always have, though he does caution everyone to “stay tuned for future updates.” It hasn’t been revealed as yet what David and his team’s role will be at Google.

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