Portable battery packs for smartphones/tablets are pretty common place these days, although the downside is that you’d not only have to remember to bring the battery pack with you (versus a battery case), but you’d also need a cable because otherwise the battery pack would be useless. Well the good news is that if your phone supports wireless charging, like some Nokia Lumia devices do, Mugen has announced the Mugenizer N11 which will support wireless charging for devices that are compatible with the Qi Wireless charging standard.


The device will support wireless charging from a range of 4-7mm, but presumably you’d have the device on top of the battery pack anyway so this shouldn’t be an issue. Apart from that, the Mugenizer N11 will pack a 4,800mAh battery and weighs about 230grams and measures 75mm x 137mm x 14mm, meaning that it shouldn’t be too obtrusive or too heavy to bring around with you, and given its battery size, should be enough to charge Android devices at least once with some juice left over, and iPhone devices at least three times. Priced at $69.95, the Mugenizer N11 can be ordered directly via Mugen’s website.

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