dell-m3800Sometime slightly past the middle of this year saw us talk about the Dell M3800, and where there was a video featured which depicted the kind of touchscreen capability this mobile workstation comes with. Well, we are glad to say that Dell has finally ensured that the masses who want to pick up this particular mobile workstation will be able to do so when November 14th rolls around.

Just to refresh our memories, what kind of hardware can be found underneath the hood of the Dell M3800? For starters, it sports an Intel Haswell Core i7 processor that will be accompanied by a 2GB NVIDIA Quadro graphics card which offers support for multiple external displays as well as 4K resolution. There will also be a couple of battery options on offer, where one of them is a 91Wh cell that is touted to deliver up to 10 hours on standard use.

On the outside, the Dell M3800 is quite a looker, where its 18mm housing will merge a carbon-fiber base with an aluminum frame and aluminum cover for the 15.6-inch touchscreen display. The display itself is no sissy, as it will come protected by Gorilla Glass and features options for 1920×1080 or 3200×1800 resolutions. Depending on which particular model you decide to settle for, the Dell M3800 will have a starting price of $1,800.

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