haptiforkEarlier this year during CES 2013, Hapilabs debuted an eating utensil dubbed the HAPIfork, which is essentially a smart fork that records how you eat, how fast you eat, and how long it takes for you to finish a meal. It is common knowledge that eating too fast is an issue that can lead to poor digestion and poor weight control, and the HAPIfork is hoping to change that by alerting the user when they are eating too fast. In any case the device is now up for pre-order and will be available via Brookstone’s website for $99. The fork is expected to begin shipping come 19th of October and will be available in five different colors.


According to the product’s description, “HAPIfork is a revolution! It will help millions of people eat more slowly, adopt good eating habits, lose weight and feel great! Additionally, with HAPIfork comes the HAPI.com platform for web and mobile. Our cross-device platform makes the experience of changing bad habits easy and fun. Here we’ve created a coaching program providing helpful nutrition and fitness tips and motivational social games to help keep people implement their new healthy habits.” The fork will be able to upload data to a computer or through an app using either Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

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