surface-londonIt has been a couple of days since the Microsoft Surface 2 as well as Surface Pro 2 has made its way to the US as well as another 20 countries, but I am quite sure that all of those are no larger than the regular tablet size. Why do I say this? If you happen to walk by the historic Trafalgar Square in London, there is no way you are going to miss this massive Surface 2 which has been constructed to measure 17-feet tall as well as 27-feet wide. This particular monument to the Surface 2 tablet comes complete with a purple Type Cover 2 which allows you to actually step on, as well as type with, now how about that for interactivity? I am quite sure that both adults and kids alike would find this particular installation fun to spend time with, especially when it comes to playing alphabet games on the massive keyboard and screen.

Just for some context on how large it can be, it measures 33” across diagonally, which is approximately three dozen times larger compared to the actual Surface 2 tablet. Interestingly enough, the entire shebang took just 12 hours to build, and the huge screen is controlled by a single Surface tablet.

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