Redesigned_Xbox_360_13708956936372Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console is expected to see a release in November and based on this, we can expect that Xbox 360 sales will slow down as gamers start turning towards the next-gen console. However as it stands, Microsoft has announced that they have managed to sell 80 million Xbox 360 units worldwide, although the catch here is that the 80 million figure is based on the number of units that they have sold to retailers. What this means is that while technically these are considered sales for Microsoft, retailers might not have sold all of the units they ordered, so obviously there is a good chance that there are still a lot of unsold Xbox 360 units out there.

At the same time retailers will probably not be buying as many Xbox 360 units if they do not believe that they are able to sell them, so we expect there are pretty healthy sales figures in there as well. Microsoft also acknowledges that they were beaten by Sony in terms of console sales back in September, but claim that they are still maintaining the title of top-selling console in the US for 2013, and given that this is a title Microsoft has been holding for 32 months, we can comfortably agree with their assessment.

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