neogeoxThe other day it was reported that SNK Playmore had sent a cease and desist letter to Tommo, whom they had licensed the NeoGeo brand to which allowed the company to create the NeoGeo X handheld console. The cease and desist letter basically told Tommo that they were to stop not only production of the device, but to halt all sales of the console at the same time, meaning that whatever units were left on sale were to be taken down immediately. The severity of the letter seems to suggest that there was a bad breakup involved between both companies, but a recent response by Tommo has us believing that the company plans to fight the cease and desist letter by SNK Playmore.

According to part of the response by Tommo, “Due to the popularity of the system, Tommo and SNK extended the agreement earlier this year until 2016. Tommo fully expects this agreement to be honored by all parties.” Tommo then goes on to demand “that SNK retract its press release and any attempts to terminate the license agreement.” In any case it seems that whatever bad blood happened between both companies will not be dying down anytime soon, which means in the meantime if you were still on the fence about the NeoGeo X, you best hurry because it may be taken off the market in the future, assuming SNK Playmore gets their way.

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