Twitter___LASDHQ__Miracle__Bullet_fired_by_susp_...Just the other day we heard how a HTC EVO 3D managed to save the life of a gas station clerk when a bullet was fired at him, with the phone standing in the way of the bullet and the man’s chest, ultimately absorbing the shock and impact of the bullet that might have otherwise killed him. Coincidentally it seems that a LA County Sheriff’s deputy also had her life saved, but not by a phone, but by an Apple iPhone charging cable instead, which is admittedly pretty interesting given that the charging cable isn’t exactly as sturdy or solid when compared to a phone. The deputy was shot at during a shooting and the bullet would have entered her hip had it not been for the fact that the deputy was carrying her Lightning cable in her pocket.

While the deputy was injured as a result of the shooting, it was not as severe as it could have been as reports claim that the cable actually helped to deflect the bullet. A post from the LA County Sheriff’s Twitter account has referred to this as a miracle, which we can’t help but agree. Now we have to wonder if accidental shootings would be covered under Apple’s warranty, especially since the cable looks like it is in no state to charge an iOS device anytime soon.

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