We’re sure you’ve all been in this situation before. You’re on a first date with someone you’ve really had a crush on for quite some time, so you want things to go well. But suddenly, your rump needs to expel some extra gas, but you hold it in for fear the smell would drive your potential partner away, never to talk to you again. Now you won’t have to worry about your extra gas embarrassing you in social situations again as Shreddies can help filter out the smell of your farts.


Shreddies were developed by Shreddies Ltd., which is based in Leicestershire, England, and come in a range of briefs and boxers that feature highly absorptive carbon cloth in the back panel of the underwear, which neutralizes the odor from your farts. The cloth is called Zorflex and is thin and flexible, and just so happens to be a cloth used in chemical warfare suits. When you toot, the fabric traps and neutralizes the smell, and can be reactivated simply by washing the piece of fabric.

You can purchase your own Shreddies if you want to be able to fart without anyone realizing what you’ve just done. Boxer briefs and support boxers for men are available starting at around $40, while briefs and high waisted briefs for women run around $30.

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