nissin-robot[CEATEC 2013] Robots in Japan? Well, nothing surprising there. Sure, we have managed to talk about robots which are involved in a far more serious business than something as superficial as you can see above, but you know what they say about being serious in life without getting any kind of “play” thrown into the mix! I was walking by some of the smaller booths over at CEATEC this year, and managed to stumble upon this cute little Nissin Cup Noodle. Before I could ask what the heck was it doing there, and whether I could hand over 200 yen to help it stave off my hunger pangs, the “Cup Noodle” sprang into action – and of course, life!


It sports a couple of red LEDs for its eyes, and have three rectangular lights across its chest that will light up randomly. The head folds up, while the arms will open to a 45-degree angle (or thereabouts, I do not have protractor with me to figure out just what the exact angle is), and the legs will have enough motor strength to give it a boost in the right direction. The motor noises were rather loud, but nothing that makes it end up as irritating. Unfortunately, there was no price tag attached to it, but it would make for a good prank at the office, although you have been forewarned that a hungry man is an angry man.

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