Today, Toshiba has announced its new Q Series Pro PC internal solid state drive or SSD. It increases PC storage performance as SSDs generally consume less power than conventional hard drives, not to mention the fact that read/write times are much faster. This particular SSD by Toshiba is also a good fit for Ultrabooks, given the fact that it is just 7mm thick and has what Toshiba calls a lightweight design.

Customers with laptops that have traditional full-height 9.5mm drive ways need not worry as a mounting spacer is included with the SSD. The Toshiba Q Series Pro PC internal solid state drive also comes with a downloadable, and free, migration tool which lets users easily transfer data from their existing tool to Toshiba’s new SSD. A three year limited warranty is provided for all units, which are available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB flavors. They’ll cost $159.99, $309.99, and $739.99 respectively. Toshiba’s new SSD will be available from select retailers as well as later this month.

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