We know that there are times when in-game items can be worth a lot of money in real life, and we have seen instances where MMORPG accounts, such as World of Warcraft, have been sold for a few hundred dollars. However what you are paying for is something you can actually use, like a new weapon, a new armor set, and etc., but would you ever pay $2,500 for a gold battlepack from Battlefield 4? Actually to be more specific, would you pay that much money for a rendering of the battlepack that you can’t actually use in game? Because that’s what art dealers Cook & Becker are selling.

The art dealer is currently selling off some concept art from the game, and alongside that concept art, they are also selling off a high resolution render of the battlepack from the game that has been “embellished and gilded” in 24-carat gold. If we understand correctly, you are essentially paying for a gold-plated painting. We suppose in a way the rendering is kind of minimalist and has a certain quality to it especially when placed in a setting such as the one above, but at the same time asking $2,500 for it does border on ridiculous. What do you guys think?

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