dropbox-1-billion-uploadsWe’re sure that there are plenty of users out there who use Dropbox, but for those who don’t, the service is a cloud storage service that lets you sync files and folders across multiple devices through its software that is available on a variety of platforms, including mobile. Of course there are a lot of new cloud storage services these days, such as Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud, but it seems that if Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, had his way, Dropbox might not be around.

According to Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston, in an interesting anecdote, he revealed that Steve Jobs had called him in for a meeting. It was unclear at first what Jobs wanted to do with Houston, but it was revealed that Jobs had told Houston he was unhappy at the fact that he couldn’t acquire Dropbox, and instead told him that if he could not have their company, he would be going after them with a competing product that would kill them off, and the result is iCloud. Safe to say iCloud did not manage to kill off Dropbox, which we’re sure many Dropbox users are thankful for, but what do you guys think? Would the Dropbox experience be very different had it been acquired by Apple?

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