proto_5F00_920_5F00_penny_5F00_16A9DD8DAs it stands, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the largest smartphone available in the market, beating out the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 by a close margin of 0.1”. If you have ever held an Xperia Z Ultra, you would know that the thing is huge and while it might seem like a relatively good size for a tablet, especially for those who prioritize portability, as a phone some might argue that it is a bit big and borders on ridiculous. Well if you thought 6.4” was a ridiculous size for a phone, prepare to be blown away for 7” phones in the future, assuming if Microsoft gets their way.


According to Peter Torr, he wrote on the Windows Phone Developer Blog that one day, in theory, it would be possible to have Windows Phone devices that go as big as 7”! This post was made in relation to talking about how developers could take advantage of the fact that the GDR3 update has given them tools that can detect the size of the screen, and allowing them to keep the content of what’s being displayed similar to what’s shown on a smaller screen, as opposed to cramming more information just because of its larger display. Of course like Torr said, this is just theoretically speaking but what do you guys think? Anyone up for a 7” Windows Phone handset?

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