kinsaWhile thermometers are handy if you want to measure your body’s temperature to see if you have a fever, it doesn’t really tell you much or what you might be potentially suffering from, and that’s what the Kinsa tool is hoping to do. As you can see in the image above, Kinsa is a thermometer that can be attached to your iPhone via the headphone jack and it will be able to record your temperature. However apart from that, it will also be able to tap into a database known as the “health weather”, which basically tries to see what sort of illness has been making its way around your area. So for example if many people have been coming down with the flu, there is a good chance that’s what you’re suffering from as well.

Of course it is by no means a reason not to see the doctor, as it is entirely possible you could be suffering from something different entirely, but for those who are trying to see what’s going on or at least get an idea of what ailment they have (or perhaps give you a sense of relief that maybe it’s not something serious ), the Kinsa should do in a pinch. As it stands the Kinsa is not available for purchase just yet, but if you’re interested in getting your hands on the device one day, you can hit up their website to be notified upon its release.

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