Gotham-City-batman-24242266-1131-707We all love our super heroes, not just in comics, but on the big screen and sometimes in video games as well, and while most of us are probably just fans and know that they aren’t real, the same cannot be said for children who might otherwise believe that these super heroes exist, to the extent where the Make-A-Wish Foundation will be calling upon the people of San Francisco to help turn their city into Gotham for the sake of a 5-year old boy who is currently battling leukemia.


Miles, the child in question, is a fan of Batman and together with the help of the people of San Francisco, he will be able to look forward to a day of fighting crime and living the life of Batkid. This involves saving a woman from the Hyde Street cable car tracks, coming to the aid of the chief of police, having lunch at the Burger Bar, and finally being honored by the mayor at City Hall with a key to the city for his heroic efforts. Like we said this will only be possible with the help of the citizens of San Francisco and the Make-A-Wish Foundation has since released a schedule of the time and places where people can join to help make Mile’s wish come true, so for more information hit up the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s website for the details.

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