emoticons-gplusEmoticons do a great job of conveying how we feel when we send instant messages. A smiley face could indicate happiness, while a frown could indicate displeasure. But what if there is no emoticon for whatever you’re feeling at the moment, and what if your current expression could do a better job of conveying your feelings? Well according to a new patent from Nokia, it has been suggested that perhaps your phone will be able to detect your mood and snap a photo of you at the moment and use that as an emoticon instead.


How your phone will detect your mood will rely on factors such as your typing speed, your typing pressure, and the use of the back space key. For example if one were excited about an upcoming holiday with friends, you could be typing really fast (because you can barely contain your excitement) to the point where you might be pressing harder than you’d like on your display, and could be causing a lot of typos hence the excessive backspacing. Once the phone has detected your mood, it will then launch the front-facing camera which will then take a snapshot of your face to be used in place of normal emoticons.

It sounds like a pretty novel idea, but at the same time kind of creepy. We’re not sure how we feel about our phones being able to detect our moods, but what do you guys think?

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