The speakers on the HTC One are placed rather oddly, but when you hold the phone in landscape mode, it starts to make sense when it attempts to provide its listener with stereo sound. Well in case the default volume was not loud enough, or you didn’t want to spend money on a third-party accessory that wouldn’t really take advantage of the device’s unique speaker placement, HTC UK has debuted the Gramohorn II, a pair of 3D printed speakers that will help to naturally amplify the sound coming from the phone’s default speakers.


This is part of HTC’s “Here’s To Creativity” campaign, with HTC commissioning design Justin Wolter to come with a HTC One version of his own Gramohorn, hence the “II” in its name. The Gramohorn II is expected to be able to boost the speakers by 50% as well as add some bass to the proceedings. The Gramohorn II is also compatible with the HTC One Mini and the HTC One Max, thanks to its interchangeable cradle. The plaster resin version of the speakers will cost around $1,610, while the milled stainless steel limited edition version will go for a whopping $8,030. Yikes!

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