iPhone docks come in all shapes and sizes, but we reckon the Robot Girl iPhone dock probably takes the cake. Basically the Robot Girl iPhone/Android dock is a 46” tall robot that has been shaped and designed to look like a robotic woman, and there are gaps and openings all over her body where LED lights are emitted and even pulsated whenever music is played. The head of the Robot Girl will even bop slightly when music is played and given her overall stance, it almost looks like she could be a model walking down a very futuristic runway.


The good news is that if you love robots and wouldn’t mind getting your hands on the Robot Girl, its creator Mark Ricci has put it up on sale on eBay where the starting bid is set at a whopping $6,500. There is a Creative D80 Wireless Bluetooth speaker embedded in the robot, so not only is this a dock for your iPhone or Android device, but will also act as a speaker. It does not mention if it charges your iPhone at the same time or which generation iPhone it works with, but presumably with its Bluetooth connectivity, it should play nicely with most devices that support Bluetooth (presumably this means Windows Phone and BlackBerry as well). It’s a little creepy but cool at the same time, but would you want to have this in your living room?

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