xiaomiredriceEarlier this year, Xiaomi unveiled the Red Rice Android smartphone that proved to be surprisingly popular, although considering its price of $130, we guess this isn’t too surprising. Well word on the street has it that Xiaomi is already planning its successor, the Red Rice 2, and that the device could be making its debut in December later this year, and despite the original Red Rice’s price tag, its successor will not be a low-end device, but could prove to be a rather powerful one.

According to the reports, the Red Rice 2 could feature MediaTek’s octa-core chipset, the world’s first “true” 8-core chipset. What this means is that it will use all 8-cores at once, as opposed to the big.LITTLE configuration which is currently favored in Samsung’s Exynos 5-series of chipsets. Other rumored specs include a 5.5” display which was kept at 720p HD in a bid to keep costs down, which in turn would allow the company to sell the phone cheaper as well. Well apart from the display, which we would have loved to see a 1080p Full HD resolution, it does sound somewhat promising, although we have to wonder if Xiaomi plans on keeping the Red Rice 2 a China exclusive or if they will be bringing it to other markets around the world.

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