bot-traffic-reportHere is a rather interesting statistic, at least according to a new study by Incapsula – that 61.5% of all Internet traffic happens to be generated by bots. Just in case you were wondering, Incapsula happens to be a company that offers up cloud-based services to web sites. 61.5% is definitely a staggering number, but it did not happen just that way overnight. In fact, Incapsula claims that the figure had already hit 51% in March last year, which is already more than half of all Internet traffic.

Just what kind of metrics as well as situation was used to arrive at such a result? Well, Incapsula monitored 20,000 on their network over a period of one and a half months. Search sites remain extremely popular, with the likes of Google and Bing alongside other “good” bots generating 31% of all web traffic. As for the remaining 30.5%, those happen to fall under what they deem as the ‘malicious’ bot category, where among them will include “scrappers” which are involved in content and email address theft, hacker bots that intend to distribute malware while taking over websites, as well as DoS (Denial of Service) attacks by other bots to further reduce a site’s available bandwidth. Come on you humans, it is time to buck up and drive Internet traffic!

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