project-sienaThe folks over at Microsoft has introduced a new app that is known as Project Sienna, and it looks set to be a staple app. What is the whole point of Project Siena? It is meant to assist you in the creation of apps, where within the app itself, you can then publish it over to the Microsoft Store without having to fork out a single cent. How does Project Siena work? Download and install it (the download link is at the end of the story), and after launching it with some technical know how, you will then be able to churn out your very first app in a matter of minutes.

Those who have had experience with Visual Basic before should not feel as though it is out of place, where the app will be somewhat similar in nature, and assuming you are also familiar with Excel, Project Siena should not be too hard to work with since the expressions are said to be similar in nature if you want to hook up to your data. Project Siena’s targets include business experts and analysts, although it can also be used by anyone who happens to want to find an easy way to create apps which will be able to gain access to curated content via external streams. [App Page]

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