minishockAnyone who has been to Japan, or have been exposed to all things Japanese, would know that small and cute do seem to be a huge part of their culture. Anything cute, goes. While the world has already moved forward in terms of video games from the PS3 with its DualShock 3 controllers to the hot selling Sony PS4, it seems that the aged Sony PlayStation 2 still has a place in their hearts. The controller for the Sony PS2, known as the DualShock 2, has just been given the miniaturized treatment, where it has been turned into the MiniShock, which will function as a smartphone strap.


Phone charms and straps are also another popular Japanese export that have taken parts of the world by storm, and the MiniShock is truly a work of art. You will need to see it to believe it for yourself, as the 13-year-old controller has been immortalized in a tiny version of itself, with a level of detail that many would just whistle at in awe. It measures a mere 30mm in length, and will feature all details from the original DualShock 2 controller. You will be able to find the classic PlayStation logo, the relevant arrows that have been engraved within the four D-pad points, the analogue switch, and even the line where the two halves of the controller’s outer casing end up meeting is there. Heck, you will also find the faux analogue on/off LED reproduced!

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