This isn’t the first time we are hearing about a Samsung Galaxy S4 catching fire. Back in June we reported that a Galaxy S4 had caught fire while the user was playing a game, he threw the device across the room which landed on a sofa that caught fire as well, which led to his apartment being burnt down. Earlier this month a video was posted online on YouTube showing a Galaxy S4 catching fire while charging, one can see the charging port being burnt. Since the unit was under warranty and it had sustained damage, the owner could simply get it replaced from the company. However, it appears that Samsung tried to cover the incident up, demanding that the owner pull the video down and only then his damaged unit will be exchanged.

The owner received a letter from Samsung laying down this condition. One might have expected that the company would simply have exchanged the unit without first having the video taken down. Naturally, the owner didn’t sign the letter and send it back. Instead he posted it online and made another video in which he discusses the whole episode. The video is embedded above, since it contains quite a bit of profanity, you might want to be in an appropriate setting before pressing play. No official response from Samsung on this has been received as yet.

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