transparent-patentWe know that Samsung is working on devices with flexible displays. This is evidenced in the company’s display of its Youm technology earlier this year at CES 2013, and the announcement and subsequent release of the Galaxy Round, a smartphone with a curved display. However if Samsung’s patents are any indication, it seems that not only can we expect flexible displays from the South Korean tech giant in the future, but we might be able to expect transparent displays too.

According to the patent filed by Samsung, it describes a device in which how using touch controls on the back of the device, such as through a transparent touchscreen display can be used to perform different functions. For example during a video clip, tapping the back of the display can pause the video and sliding your finger on the back will allow you to capture a screenshot as well. The patent also describes how one can move to overlapping objects, with one finger on the front and the other at the back, with both fingers controlling either object.

The transparent touchscreen display can also allow for more elaborate unlocking mechanisms, for example. This is not the first time rear touch controls have been implemented. In fact Sony’s PS Vita comes with rear touch pads which can be used during games as well. As with the case of most patents, it’s hard to tell if and when Samsung will start making these displays a reality, but in the meantime what do you guys think?

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