sm-7505When it comes to model numbers for a particular device, it is a love it or hate it affair. After all, you can never quite tell just whether it is true or not, although based on the previously released devices, they could prove to be an indicator of what’s to come as the model number would have a slight increment in the figures. Zauba, a logistics website which keeps track of imports as well as exports to and from India, have shown that the Samsung SM-N7505 is part of the shipment, and it will apparently arrive with a couple of variants in tow.

One of them shows off a display size that measures 5.7” in size, while the other is wee bit smaller, measuring 5.49”. The two units happened to make their way into India for “testing and evaluation” purposes, although there has been no guarantee that this particular model will eventually make its way to the general market worldwide. Right now, we do know that the Samsung SM-N7505 has been listed for approximately $533 as an unlocked device, which would certainly place it out of the mid-range league, being more on the high end side of things. It would most probably be part of the Galaxy Note family.

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