d5503-antutuThe Sony D5503 is not an upcoming digital camera, but rather, it is a new smartphone that is waiting to roll out, sporting yet another codename along the way – the Sony Amami. This is a smartphone that when released, ought to cause a lot of stir and commotion since it will share most of the high end specifications that is available on the flagship Sony Xperia Z1 handset, except that it has been crammed into a smaller sized form factor. I guess you can more or less declare this to be a formal mini version of a full sized flagship smartphone, instead of one that shares the name with a mini suffix and has watered down hardware specifications.

All in all, the Sony D5503 did manage to pick up an extremely impressive 34,193 score on the AnTuTu benchmark, which certainly blows away the misconception that a “mini” variant of a smartphone is unable to hold its own against the big boys. Apart from that, the refreshed Xperia Z1s model also picked up a higher 35,485 score on AnTuTu, and there is yet another variant of the device which is suspected to be headed for US markets, that managed to score the highest among the three at 36,257 points.

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