typokeyboardWe’re sure there are still plenty of smartphone users out there who might prefer the tactile feedback and the familiarity of typing on a keyboard, like the BlackBerry Q10 for example. However there are also those who might acknowledge that a physical keyboard is great, but at the same time don’t want to miss out on having a larger touchscreen display. Well if you’re an iPhone user and wouldn’t mind a physical keyboard to go along with your device, you might be in luck as TV host and celebrity, Ryan Seacrest along with a venture co-founder will be investing $1 million into a keyboard case for the iPhone, which is called the Typo Keyboard.

The pair are expected to further invest an extra $5 million over the course of time. According to Seacrest he was inspired by his friends’ difficulties of carrying two phones around: an iPhone and another device for “typing and correspondence”. The Typo Keyboard is essentially an iPhone case with a BlackBerry-style keyboard at the bottom (as pictured above) and will begin shipping in January for $99. As it stands the keyboard case will only play nicely with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s units running iOS 6 or later. It will pair with the phone via Bluetooth and will pack a180mAh battery. It’s an interesting idea although it does make the phone look really long and unwieldy, but for more info or place your pre-order, hit up their website for the details.

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