Google’s wearable gadget has been making waves for well over a year now, but its still a long way from customers hands. Over the past year the company has gradually opened up the Explorer program to more people, and even if its not as hard to get your hands on a unit from eBay right now, the high prices are bound to drive away many early adopters. The gadget needs a lot of work before it is ready for public release, Google solved one major problem recently, the support for prescription glasses. The next step is enable Glass to do more, and today Google provides a taste of just that. The company has demoed mini Google Glass games in a bid to entice developers to starting developing games for its wearable gadget.

Users can access these minigames by saying “Ok Glass, play a game.” There are six titles, Tennis, Balance, Clay Shooter, Match and Shape Splitter. Tennis leverages the accelerometer and gyroscope to detect head tilts and translates them into hits for the ball, Balance challenges users to keep various shapes from toppling, it also uses the accelerometer. Clay lets users shoot clay pigeons using voice commands, Shape Splitter is a simple Fruit Ninja clone in which users can slice objects with their hands in front of Glass’s camera. Last but not the least, users can pair objects in Match using movements of their head. They’re available today for anyone who has a Glass unit on hand, if they find themselves spend too much time on these Google Glass games every day, chances are they’ll need to charge the unit frequently. There has already been much talk about the seemingly inadequate battery life of Google Glass.

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