lg-105uc9-ultrahdtv-4k[CES 2014] As amazing as it is to see gigantic televisions, most of us have to be practical simply because most homes aren’t big enough to fit such devices. Even if you could get them to fit, the sheer size of the screen will probably end up making you tear as you might end up sitting too close. Putting that aside, they are technological marvels and at CES 2014, LG has unveiled their 105-inch 105UC9 Ultra HD television feature which sports a 21:9 aspect ratio and an eye-watering display resolution of 5120×2160, and will be powered by LG’s new webOS Smart TV platform which we have been hearing about recently..LG’s 105-inch television efforts will be powered by the company’s Tru-Ultra HD Engine which will not only help display 4K television shows or movies, but will also have the ability to upscale content which isn’t of the 4K variety. However upscaling isn’t always a flawless process and LG has thought this one out, and thanks to the Tru-Ultra HD Engine, it will be able to detect any flaws during the upscaling process and adjust the image accordingly to ensure an “authentic” 4K viewing experience. The Tru-Ultra HD Engine will also have a function called 4K MEMC which allows for video conversion from FHD to UHD while reducing any motion blur in the process.


The television set will be powered by LG’s new webOS platform and will feature a new user interface which LG claims will allow for smoother and faster transitions. The new UI will also display information such as television/movie recommendations. Given that this is a smart TV, the LG Magic Remote will come bundled. Now for those who don’t have a set of speakers at home, the good news is that the LG 105UC9 will come with built-in speakers which was a collaboration between LG and Harman Kardon in the form of a 7.2 channel speaker system, and will sport a total of 10 drivers and two subwoofers that should provide you with more than decent audio.

For those interested in maybe getting their hands on the LG 105UC9, it is expected to be priced at a whopping $69,999 but unfortunately LG has yet to mention when it will be made available.

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