Running a datacenter is no joke at all – it requires large amounts of power to keep it up and running, and this could in the long run have a detrimental impact on our environment if it is not powered cleanly. Well, In November a couple of years back, Microsoft did make an announcement that they intend to run a new datacenter in Cheyenne, Wyoming through the use of biogas alone. This biogas will be generated from local municipal waste as part of a research project. Fast forward to today, and Microsoft has lifted up the veil on this particular datacenter, citing that its power plant ought to be online sometime in the next month.

Apparently, this green and eco-centric project did take a whole lot more time than originally predicted, with the first projected completion date being March last year. Until now, we have no official reason or update from Microsoft as to why the facility was not up and running until now. The whole idea for this datacenter in going green is to rely on fuel cells that are powered by biogas, which in turn is made from the waste provided to Microsoft by the local Dry Creek Water Reclamation Facility. Heck, the excess heat that emanates from the fuel cells themselves are able to be used by the treatment plant so that it can break down even more waste – resulting in even greater levels of biogas creation, which then feeds into the ever larger circle. Microsoft intends to monitor the datacenter’s energy use for 18 months or so, before donating it to the local community.

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