microsoft logoOne of our greatest smartphone concerns would be its battery. In fact great smartphones can sometimes be marred by poor battery life. After all what good are all those features if I can barely use them, right? Well it seems that Microsoft could be working on something that would give your smartphone a 7-day battery life on a single charge, which we have to say reminds us of our feature phones back in the day that could last for days without charging. This is according to Microsoft Research Senior Researcher, Ranveer Chandra, who revealed that Microsoft Research had set themselves an ambitious goal of creating a smartphone that would last 7-days on a single charge.

This is more than just sticking in a large battery because in reality, anyone can do that, at the expensive of price, weight, thinness, and so on. What Microsoft Research is actually hoping to do is explore new battery types, how the operating system works with the battery, how the operating deals with apps which in turn uses batteries, and etc. It seems that Microsoft might even consider offloading CPU processes to the cloud to save battery life which sounds pretty awesome. Of course there’s no telling when Microsoft will succeed, after all they have apparently been at this since 2010, but a smartphone with a 7-day battery life is definitely something to look forward to.

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