sony-mp3-prisonThere are some markets in the world where one particular product might do better in compared to other places. There could be a variety of reasons, such as price, design, culture, religion, and so on, and Sony’s SRF-39FP audio player is a prime example. For those who might not have heard of this player before, don’t blame yourselves because we expect that you might have probably passed on it in favor of something more fancy, like an iPod. However it seems that over in the prisons in the US, the SRF-39FP is actually the audio player of choice, according to a very interesting and highly entertaining article from The New Yorker.


Well for starters in case it wasn’t obvious enough, the reason it is favored by prisons is due to its transparent body and the fact that it manages to get by on a single AA battery (estimated forty hours of listening time, longer than the iPod Classic). The transparent body is great because it prevents inmates from hiding contraband in them, and the single AA battery also means that prisoners will not have to spend as much money on battery. Federal prisoners are reportedly only allowed to spend up to $320 a month on commissary goods, so less money spent on AA batteries means more to spend on snacks, stationery, and so on. Who would have thought?

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