steamos-betaValve has just rolled out its SteamOS beta, although this particular introduction will be accompanied by a warning – you should only download this latest beta version if you have a semblance of an idea of what you are doing. Of course, I guess this is how the battlelines are drawn, separating the real men from boys. At least true testers would be differentiated this time around. Of course, those who qualify would also require a relatively new machine with UEFI, considering how attempts to make the operating system as a secondary boot option did not prove to be that easy. This latest beta that is available to the brave masses would allow interested parties to be more familiar with early SteamOS.

There will also be other major updates thrown into the mix, among them include partition, recovery and DVD install support. Again, do bear in mind that this does not necessarily mean that it is ready for general consumption at this point in time. You have been duly warned!

It does not matter whether you are running on Intel or AMD graphics, SteamOS will still be able to work with either just as well, all the same. Hopefully this would mean that developers will be able to churn out something magical for the masses in the future.

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