mobile-dataMany years ago before 3G became widely available, most of us were surfing on 2G/EDGE internet speeds, which while slow, got the job done. Then again our phones back in the day weren’t exactly designed for surfing the internet in mind although it did have the feature. Fast forward to today where we are starting to see LTE become more widely available, and in some cases even LTE-A. That being said with our mobile internet being faster, and in some cases faster than what we get back home, it is no surprise to learn that mobile data consumption has actually increased by 80% over last year.

This is according to Akamai who managed to get their data from Ericsson who has a presence in over 180 countries and on over 1,000 networks, and as there was no sampling of users, all the data compiled by Akamai was raw data taken from hard numbers. Unsurprisingly Akamai found that South Korea was leading the way with average Mbps and we can only expect those numbers to rise as the country deploys LTE-A networks in the near future. Pretty interesting stats, what do you guys think? Do you agree that over the past few years you have started to consume more data than ever?

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