Ever since Microsoft agreed to acquire Nokia’s hardware and services division, which happens to be the largest OEM of its mobile platform, there was speculation that other OEMs might not be too happy. Nokia led the Windows Phone charge singlehandedly last year, clocking out with over 92 percent of the entire market share. Not a lot of OEMs made WP devices in 2013 but in recent months it has been reported that new manufacturers are keen on jump on this bandwagon. Archos Windows Phone plans have also been confirmed, the company’s CEO says that Archos will launch a Windows Phone handset when it believes the time is right.

Archos launched a plethora of Android products last year, but it has yet to release a Windows Phone device. Loic Poirier, the CEO, believes that WP market is now mature enough to enter, though that doesn’t mean Archos is going to shift focus entirely from Android. Google’s mobile operating system will continue to be a major part of Archos’ future. Archos is not the only OEM that has committed to Windows Phone recently, both Alcatel and ZTE have announced their own plans as well. This undoubtedly serves Microsoft’s interests, as it looks to expand Windows Phone’s market share, having more OEMs onboard will enable its platform to reach millions of potential customers in markets where it hasn’t been that strong.

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