asus-gameboxASUS does not just roll out computers, notebooks, and smartphones – it seems as though they might also want to throw their lot into mobile gaming. In fact, it seems that ASUS is working on a mysterious device which will carry the name “Gamebox”, at least according to details from the official AnTuTu website. The particular details that you see on the right hand side does seem to look rather familiar – especially if you already know the NVIDIA Shield from the inside out. For instance, the alleged ASUS Gamebox would sport a Tegra 4 4+1 core processor that has been clocked at 1.9GHz, where it will be accompanied by an NVIDIA GeForce ULP graphics chip, 2GB RAM and 8GB of internal memory. It does seem as though Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is the operating system version of choice, and while there has been no confirmation in the benchmark as to its display size, the panel does sport a resolution of 1280 x 720. That figure could change eventually, mind you, so nothing here is quite set in stone just yet.

In a nutshell, the difference between the NVIDIA Shield and the ASUS Gamebox should be pretty similar when it comes to hardware performance, and if it is not going to improve on the NVIDIA Shield, could it actually be a worthy option? Of course, the final hardware details have yet to be determined, so this could be an extremely early prototype for all we know. Are you excited with what ASUS has in store for the year ahead?

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