Remember yesterday we reported that Apple had removed a Bitcoin wallet app from their App Store? Well it turns out that the move was not particularly well-received by those who are advocating the virtual currency, and to protest Apple’s move, a group of disgruntled bitcoiners have created videos in which they destroy iPhones on video. To be honest we’re not sure if this is even affecting Apple as the iPhones were bought and paid by these people themselves, or at least they were sponsored, so for them to destroy their own property in protest is a little odd. Then again if they are in possession of bitcoins, which at times is valued over $1,000 per bitcoin, we reckon that they can afford to get themselves a new phone easily.

It is unclear as to why Apple removed the app from their App Store. In fact in the past Apple has removed a couple of other bitcoin-related apps. Some speculate that it might be due to the fact that bitcoin’s legitimacy is still questionable, as in not all governments have announced their support for it yet. Some speculate that it could be because Apple is unable to take a cut from bitcoin transactions as the company does not officially recognize the currency themselves. Some also think that it might be because Apple could be working on their own mobile payment system and that by removing bitcoin-related apps, they are eliminating the competition, at least within their own ecosystem, but what do you guys think?

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