body-odor-idFingerprints, a social security number, your dental records – the list goes on when it comes to identifying your identity. How about one’s body odor? BoIn happens to be a possible futuristic form of biometric identification, where it will be able to figure out just who you are using your body odor alone. It seems that fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition will have another “friend” to join the biometric identification posse, although the rest seem a whole lot more dignified. Scientists over at Spain’s Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have stated that one’s scent has the potential to remain similar even over time without changing, so much so that one can achieve an ID accuracy rate of approximately 85%.

85% might sound like a lot, but it is still far from being a surefire method of identification. There are still many other hurdles to overcome, including the possibility of someone faking your scent in order to gain access to a particular system. I suppose the best form of protection would be an amalgamation of many different biometric identification processes combined, in addition to a strong password. Will there be a fool proof version coming our way? Only time will tell, but we too, are interested to hear of a positive outcome.

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