hawkeyeHow would you feel if you knew that you were being studied or your every move is being recorded? “An invasion of privacy!” is what one would most probably cry out. Well, a company known as Persistent Surveillance Systems has come up with the HAWKEYE II camera surveillance system which can be installed in light aircraft that delivers truly detailed snooping capabilities. In this particular camera system, one would find a dozen underbelly 192-megapixel cameras that have been fitted to a Cessna light aircraft, where each of these cameras will snap a new photo every single second over an area which could be eventually as large as five miles by five miles. When one is flying in the air at 10,000 to 12,000 feet, the plane’s cameras will be able to capture general snapshots of a large area, where these photos will then be sent over to ground-based operators for further analysis.

In a nutshell, think of such a situation. Law enforcement officers are able to check out images captured to trace a suspect’s earlier movements at the moment that a particular crime was reported, and who knows, it might also help them track down just where the suspected criminal has gone to. I suppose using drones with such a system, flying all over the place, would be a robot utopia of sorts, although those of us who value our privacy a whole lot and treat it as sacred might think otherwise.

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