candy-crush-saga-posterI am quite sure that anyone with a mobile device and remotely plays games from time to time would have known about the Candy Crush Saga game, which is annoyingly addictive, making you glance at your watch or clock a whole lot more frequently than you really should just to see whether you have collected enough turns to get another few more tries. King, the developer of Candy Crush Saga, has come under scrutiny in recent times for their controversial trademark application in the U.S. for the word “candy”. Apart from that, they also intend to trademark for the word “saga“, which has led to at least one smaller game company being targeted in the trademark application. King has withdrawn its request to trademark the word “candy” in the U.S., but this does not mean it will give up the trademark that it was awarded for the word “candy” in the EU.

King did mention that they will “continue to take all appropriate steps” as part of the company’s policies to defend its intellectual property. In fact, this is good news for developers, independent or otherwise, since King’s original intention to do so did raise quite an uproar in the U.S. Perhaps they want to get back in the peoples’ good books by dropping its trademark request for the word “candy”, what do you think?

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