lickestraThere is nothing quite like a nice and cold Ice cream cone on a particularly hot day, where it can be seen to be some sort of comfort food by some. How about turning it into something more? Designers Carla Diana and Emilie Baltz have come up with what they call Lickestra, as a musical performance can be made possible when you have four folks alongside a quart of vanilla ice cream and several high-tech cones come together. Of course, having a sense of musical ability would go a long way in helping the Lickestra deliver a stunning performance.

Just how do ice cream cones, ice cream and musical ability all come together? Well, there will be embedded capacitive sensors within the 3D printed cones which were placed on top of pedestal-like boxes, and musicians will stand in the boxes with arms at their sides, licking away. Each time a tongue comes into contact with the ice cream, a signal will be sent to a hidden Arduino chip that has been assigned to a sound by onboard software, delivering that note through its speakers. Does this mean that we will be seeing auditoriums filled to the brim by folks who want to enjoy an evening out, watching a quartet lick an entire tub worth of ice cream? Probably not, but this is still a cool idea nonetheless.

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