Ever been stuck in a traffic jam and wondering what’s happening in front? Naturally walking away from your vehicle might not be the smartest idea, especially on a highway, but what if you could launch a drone to help check the traffic status in front of you? How awesome would that be? Well it seems that Renault thinks that would be an awesome idea too and have since dreamt up a concept car called Kwid that would come with a tiny drone that hides in the roof of your vehicle. From there, the drone can be launched and help scope out the situation around for you.


Alternatively the drone also can go ahead and check to see whether you’re headed in the right direction, film you in the event that you might need evidence to prove you were in the right of way, and so on. The drone can be either manually controlled or controlled automatically or fly based on pre-determined waypoints. Like we said this is a pretty damn cool idea although we doubt that the Kwid will ever see the light of day in terms of being a road legal vehicle as we’re sure that regulators like the FAA can’t be too happy about a fleet of vehicles on the road all with drones flying about them, but what do you guys think?

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