searsThere are a few companies out there who offer shoppers the ability to make their purchases online and pick it up at the shop. Apple does it, and Sears does it too with their Free Store Pickup program, but it looks like Sears could be taking things to the next level by allowing customers to pickup their purchases without ever having to leave their car, making it a great solution for those in a rush, or for those with kids who don’t want to go through the hassle of getting everyone ready and restrapping them back into their car seats later.


The new program, dubbed the In-Vehicle Pickup, will take advantage of the Shop Your Way app and it is an option that Sears customers use when shopping with the app. Once their purchase is complete, all they’d need to do is drive to a Sears outlet and pull into the In-Vehicle Pickup spots, launch the app to initiate the drop-off, and someone will come out and hand-deliver them their purchases within the next five minutes or less! This sounds like a great idea and if you’re a regular shopper at Sears looking to avoid the long queues and parking, this is an option that you’d like to consider.

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