egypt-hackIt seems that words definitely have their way of soothing and stroking one’s ego, as evident by the use of smooth talk as well as a fake identity that enabled one person to leak out millions of private financial records which belong to those living in the US. Apparently, a Vietnamese man who posed as a private investigator was so smooth and suave, that he successfully duped Experian in sharing customer records that might actually number in the millions.

24-year-old Vietnamese national Hieu Minh Ngo, who wore the fake hat of a private investigator in Singapore, successfully managed to purchase the financial records of those who lived in the US from a company that is under the Experian umbrella. Just in case you are wondering what the huge fuss is all about, Experian happens to be one of the largest credit monitors in the world. All of the obtained information, which has been suspected to be at least 200 million in total, can be sold later on for allegedly fraudulent purposes.

Right now, Ngo has been charged with wire fraud, access device fraud and identity fraud, where there is a very strong possibility of him sitting up to 45 years in the slammer after his sentencing that is due this coming June 16th.

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